Sep 21

Cultural Exchange&Human Rights USA-Indonesia


Are you the type of person who gets excited when learning about other cultures and languages? Are you a interested in serving as an ambassador, role model and mentor for your peers? Are you passionate about equality and human rights? Do you believe in the power of diplomacy and mutual understanding?

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Sep 27


Dalam rangka memperingati HARI TULI INTERNATIONAL 2014 Tema Strengthening Humam Diversity-Penguatan Keanekaragaman Manusia , Kami Pengurus DPD GERKATIN DKI Jakarta akan menyelenggarakan 2 (Dua) Kegiatan yaitu :

Hari/Tgl : Minggu, 28 September 2014
Pukul : 07..00 – 11.00 WIB
Tempat : Depan Mandarin Hotel – Bundaran HI

Hari/Tgl : Selasa, 30 September 2014
Pukul : 12.00 – 15.00 WIB
Rute : Kantor MENKOMINFO – Bundaran HI

Mohon hadir dan dukungannya , Kami ucapkan banyak terima kasih

Hormat Kami,

NB :
– Bersifat SWADAYA
– Untuk Tgl 30 September
Kaos Wanita – Orange
Kaos Pria – Putih

Ayo teman-teman hadir untuk mendukung hak kami sebagai tuli. I can’t live easily without BISINDO!

Sep 08

Bali’s Village Of The Deaf

“If the deaf and the hearing are interacting well with each other then it automatically becomes part of the culture.”

Village of the Deaf, Bali from Digital Global Mail Limited on Vimeo.

In Bali is the village of the deaf where hearing people and deaf people can communicate between each other in silence

Read this story maybe this is something who can help more children in Indonesia who is deaf.

“Around the world, there are fewer than a dozen village-based sign languages that have sprung up to accommodate the local deaf. Kata Kolok is one of the most intensively studied of these languages and has been found to have a rich vocabulary and unique grammar.”

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Jul 13

Deaf Education in Indonesia

Indonesian government has not yet official number of Deaf people in the country and how many deaf people get education. In October 2007 was report made of World Federation of the Deaf about sitution of deaf people in Asia and very interesting reading there.

Indonesia government should change the priority for the deaf people to get them more educated and recognize sign language as their first language.



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Jul 02

Picture from Trip to Jakarta Garut

Deaf  Club Indonesia did go  from Jakarta bus trip to Garut Jakarta to see buildings project for  poor deaf people from Indonesia, and you see it is exciting and joy in their eyes

But the picture say more that few words  enjoy :




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