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Cultural Exchange&Human Rights USA-Indonesia


Are you the type of person who gets excited when learning about other cultures and languages? Are you a interested in serving as an ambassador, role model and mentor for your peers? Are you passionate about equality and human rights? Do you believe in the power of diplomacy and mutual understanding?

We at Dr. Mason Global are looking for deaf, hard of hearing, and deaf-blind participants to join this Deaf Youth Leadership, Human Rights & Cultural Exchange program. This program is sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Indonesia and Dr. Mason Global.

What is the Program About?

The U.S. Embassy in Indonesia and Dr. Mason Global, by partnering with deaf, and hard of hearing people from the U.S. and Indonesia, is organizing a youth leadership cultural exchange program focused on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

During the first phase of the program, youth leaders from the U.S. will travel to Indonesia for 14 days to engage, dialogue, participate in panel discussions with deaf youth, community leaders and government officials in Indonesia. The second phase of the program will bring deaf youth from Indonesia to U.S. for 14 days to attend the United Nations meeting on CRPD and experience how the American with Disabilities Act has impacted the lives of people with disabilities in the U.S.

Dr. Mason Global recognizes that programs to create access to education, training, technology and social inclusion for people with disabilities must include individuals with disabilities providing a voice of their own, identifying their own needs, expressing their own views on priorities, evaluating services which impact their own lives, advocating for change and raising public awareness for themselves.

This program will create a vehicle of self-development, which will provide the participants opportunity to teach, model and develop skills in the negotiation process, organizational abilities, mutual support, information sharing, vocational skills and opportunities. In view of the vital importance of having people with disabilities in the process of participation, we are excited to offer this cultural exchange program under the theme of leadership and CRPD for youth leaders who are deaf, hard of hearing or deaf-blind.

You can get more information here: http://www.drmasonglobal.com/#!deaf-leadership-indonesia/c20mj



Jadwal Kunjungan Pertukaran:

Peserta Amerika Serikat mengunjungi ke Indonesia: 27 Desember 2015 – 10 Januari 2016

Peserta dari Indonesia ke Amerika Serikat: 29 Mei 2016 – 12 Juni 2016



Contoh kegiatan-kegiatan program ini selama di Indonesia:

  • Pertemuan dan diskusi dengan siswa-siswa dan guru guru di sekolah Tuli-Tuna Rungu di Bali dan Jakarta

  • Pertemuan dan diskusi dengan anggota organisasi Tuli-Tuna Rungu di Bali dan Jakarta

  • Kunjungan tentang cara membangun komunikasi dan hubungan, dan pertukaran budaya dengan komunitas-komunitas Tuli-Tuna Rungu di Bali dan Amerika

  • Pertemuan dengan tim pusat penelitian Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia

  • Pertemuan dengan Kementerian Pendidikan Indonesia

  • Mengunjungi dengan Kedutaan Besar Amerika Serikat di Indonesia

  • Menghadiri beberapa acara tentang kebudayaan seperti yang disarankan oleh Komunitas Tuli-Tuna Rungu di Indonesia

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